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Collaborate, inspiring the journeys of others and gaining inspiration from your friends, you can build journeys together
Create unlimited journeys from anything; baking, boating, boxing, fashion, weight loss, rehab, travel, anything; and include successes and failures which occur along the way
Protect your privacy, choosing who has access to each piece of content or journey
Avoid the typical social network model that forces one user to view everything about another’s life or comments, many of which you may not be interested in following
Get access to meaningful data to better understanding the audiences you’re sharing journeys with
Stay tuned and Discover yourself!

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At Selfision we are interested in more than just your photos and videos, we want to know about the story behind it all. We want you to be able to share the story behind your work, what led to your success, and everything that you experienced along the way.

We are curious about today’s success stories. From music to photography to competitive sports and everything in between, in thousands of different fields, millions of stories are waiting to be written, and we want to unleash these stories to be told today, and saved for tomorrow. 

Let’s discover and have fun together!

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